What is Brony Commune?

Brony Commune is a safe place, privately funded, where Bronies can come, live, and be a part of a small, closed community, living together in harmony and friendship. The large, sprawling private estate is set for development, and it is only with your help that the commune of honesty, kindness, generosity, loyalty, laughter and magic can truly come to life.

But what is it?

It’s a place where you might be able to live with other bronies, settled on a nice, gorgeous piece of land in Northern California. You’ll have all the amenities of home and share your space with other bronies who think like you and love the same things you do.

Sounds great! When can I move in?

Entrance is currently by invitation. Visit the Join Us page for more information.

When will it open?

Summer 2016.

What will it cost?

You will have to provide your own moving expenses. After that, the Brony Commune is very self-sustaining because it is privately funded.

Why? Just…WHY?

Because this world is full of terrible things and we believe that there should be somewhere in this world where magic will still exist.

Stay tuned.


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