Life in the Commune

You might ask yourself:

What will my life be like in the Commune?


Depending on who you are it might not be different at all! Some things will be simplified and some things will be different, but ultimately, the things that bring bronies together will still be there in our Northern California retreat. Among them:

Internet. Yes, we have internet. Specifically, we are working with the closest NoCal town to make sure we have high-speed internet at the commune. I know how important this is to everyone, so I’m saying it first.

Running water/electricity. Yes and Yes. Obviously we will need electricity or the internet is useless. And running water already exists on the property.

Food. The estate has a large garden ares where we will grow our own vegetables. We also intend to have some livestock on the land. One or twice a month we will trek into town and buy other foods, while also selling some of our goods at a local farmer’s market. Sound like hard work? Sure, but we’re all in it together. So get down with your inner Applejack.

Expense money. As we’ve said before, the Brony Commune is entirely privately funded. We’re not asking for money. Donations are always appreciated, but are neither necessary nor asked for. See: How can you afford this?

Amenities, clothes, etc. As said before, we’ll make twice-monthly trips into town to pick up amenities. We’re not cutting ourselves off from society entirely, you know.

Room. You might ask how much space you’ll be sharing. The answer: A lot. You will have a private one-room apartment on the estate which will be simply furnished and provided with power, internet, and a full bathroom. The accommodations are REALLY nice. We should have some photos up soon.


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